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Forestry Sector
Indian Sandalwood

Exclusive agency for the sale of all harvested Indian Sandalwood resource as managed by Quints Forestry, a maturing highly valuable and sustainably grown Indian Sandalwood plantation resource located within Kununurra, WA and the Douglas Daly, Northern Territory in Australia. This non-processed resource (logs, butts, shavings) is marketed globally under periodic Request for Tender to match seasonal harvest timing, handling and storage logistics. The marketed 'Lots' are sized specifically to ensure all buying parties (i.e. traders, processors and end users) can transparently compete for this highly valuable resource on an 'apples for apples' basis irrespective of their location in the world. Whilst marketing the resource, SAI offers practical assistance for all haulage, fumigation and shipping logistics to the successful tender parties.  SAI has built a highly trusted, reliable and completely transparent global market which currently totals over 2,200 registered parties across 36 countries including; China, USA, Indian, Europe and Australia.

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February 2021 - Open For Tender
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August 2020 - Sold
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November 2019 - Sold
Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 2.28.13 pm.png
July 2019 - Sold
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