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About us
Over 30 years of complete supply chain experience

Smith Agri International Distribution Pty Ltd (SAID) a subsidiary of Smith Agri International Pty Ltd (SAI), provides tangible deliverable solutions to fill identified gaps within global distribution networks in support of our client’s business expansion aspirations, improved efficiency and streamlined economic logistic delivery. 


SAI has over 30 years of complete supply chain logistical experience having worked within the Global Timberland, Agricultural, Horticultural, Mining and Bioenergy sectors throughout this time. 


Our Projects are varied, although highly complementary and it is through extensive experience and a truly global reach that we are able to challenge ‘business as usual’ and deliver reliable and sustainable solutions. 

Our reach to the International Institutional Investment Sector has seen Projects emerge in support of investment and engagement longevity. These Projects serve as a testament to our extensive global reach throughout the sectors we operate, a concrete commitment to absolute transparency and to being present at international forums wherein long-term ‘face to face’ relationships and industry referrals have been forged has delivered a ready flow of new business through ‘word of mouth’ and hence, delivered SAI a significant highly trusted database of industry key stakeholders. 


Through hard work and an absolute unabated commitment to our clients, SAI has become an integral part of our client’s strategic business planning. Through the adoption of a Fee Policy, based only upon successful Project delivery, our business’ success is transparently aligned with our clients ultimate success.  

Who we are
James Wyatt
General Manager - Agribusiness Sales
+61 (0) 415 284 264

James has an exceptional first-hand knowledge and experience throughout the Australian agribusiness sector. James delivers the executive team a high level of agribusiness experience, strategic planning and client centricity ensuring SAID delivers and exceeds our client’s expectations and goals. 


Solid experience across the manufacturing, international distribution markets and irrigation sectors James delivers transparent practical strategic direction to SAID’s Horticultural, Viticultural, Broadacre, Dairy, Row Crop, Forestry and Livestock market segment engagements.

Russell Smith
Chief Financial Officer
+61 (0) 418 174 657

Russell is an experienced Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) with over 35 years of financial, accounting and major project management experience across a wide range of sectors. With strong government tender process expertise for major earthmoving and engineering projects, Russell delivers;


  • Financial leadership and strategic recommendations to the SAID executive team.

  • Management of financial forecasting, budgets and overseeing the preparation of all financial reporting/modelling, cash flows analysis and project due diligence on behalf of business and client.

  • Compliance with FIRB, taxation, professional business qualifications and other governing regulations.

David Smith
+61 (0) 418 332 780

David has over 30 years direct experience in rural property assessment, planning and transactions, in particular within the forestry, mining, agricultural and renewable energy sectors, having worked with key companies such as Virgin Forests, Ecofund Queensland, Wilmott Forests, Rio Tinto and CBRE. 


David has been the architect for numerous large-scale forestry projects involving the planning, establishment and management logistics of over 68,000,000 trees (56,000 hectares). He understands every aspect of the commercial value chain and supportive distribution networks. With direct hands-on experience including transactions of over 350 rual properties throughout Australia equating to over 95,000 hectares ($325m+) for the purpose of commercial plantation, industrial forest, dedicated biomass/biofuel, conservation site establishment and various forms of agriculture including; permanent crops, broadacre, irrigation and beef cattle production.

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