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Over 30 years of complete supply chain experience

Smith Agri International Distribution Pty Ltd (SAID), a subsidiary of Smith Agri International Pty Ltd (SAI), was formed to enhance existing distribution networks and deliver new emerging global distribution networks in support of our clients expansion plans. SAID plays an important role in helping our clients identify any existing gaps, improve distribution efficiencies and deliver new and emerging markets. 


SAID has over 30 years of complete supply-chain logistical experience having worked within the Global Timberland, Agricultural and Horticultural Sectors throughout this time in support of our clients. We routinely identify resource targets, instigate engagement and negotiate secure long term supply agreements generating new and expanding markets. 


As a highly trusted and transparent partner, we have been instrumental in the acquisition of over 300 properties and the successful negotiation of secure Long-term Supply Agreements underpinning growth of our client’s supply-chains. Through expansion of international buyer markets we build competitive tension, unit price and secure our client’s market position. 


In short, we deliver practical robust solutions whilst underpinning economic supply-chain logistics. 

Technology Sector
Gas Destruction Unit
Forestry / Logistics Sector
Resource Identification/ Procurement
Forestry Sector
Indian Sandalwood
Project Locations & Points of Interest Map

Busiest ports within our distribution network

EO - Export Operations

AIRF - Attended Industry Representation/Forums

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